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Esteban Diacono & Olafur^

Esteban Diacono & Olafur^

Έπεσα πάνω σε αυτό απόψε( myspace bulletin ):

και έγινα κ θεία again. . .

μικρά ανούσια και ουσιώδη θαύματα μπρος στο παραθύρι( οθόνη ) συναντώ. .

σαν διαλειμματίζω από τον λευκό θόρυβο που με στοχάζει να σκεφτώ καμια ώρα τωρα.

Designed by: esteban diácono

let yourself feel.

let yourself feel is a project that was inspired by the beautiful music of icelandic composer Olafur Arnalds. i made this trying to do something different, sensitive and of course, good looking =). after i finished it and put it up to, things went crazy. the video got showcased in major sites like ,, and many more. also was heavily reblogged on design sites and and amongst facebook users. eventually, the very own Olafur wrote me and proposed me to make my animation the official video for the song. Of course, i said yes.

Something that lit up the night. . .

Υγ. Το ουράνιο τόξο αφιερωμένο εξαιρετικά στην Me:moir


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