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The girls of phnom penh^

The girls of phnom penh^


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis -White Lunar (2009)

Zealot Films

The Girls of Phnom Penh (2009), Matthew Watson’s film investigating Cambodia’s “virginity trade”, describes a sorority of three young sex workers, struggling with degradation and poverty against Cave and Ellis’ urgent sound-scape of humid loops, serrated cymbals and geysers of steam. Accompanying the soundtracks on the second disc are four pieces drawn from the Cave & Ellis archives, all named after craters: “Magma” is constructed from a chorus of Warren’s singing a pitch-shifted riff, “Zanstra” swarms like a storm of hornets besieging a submarine, “Halo” finds pastoral calm in the eager teeth of defeat and “Daedalus” rises sure as the sun, with dewy flute and fluttering piano motes, before a sudden fade. The sequence is conceived as a suite. “Listen to it as you might listen to an instrumental album” recommends Ellis, as “some kind of trip”.


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  1. arsene

    October 2, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    το ταινιακι το είδες? υπάρχει πουθενά για κατέβασμα?
    το ηχητικό ατμοσφαιρικό βεβαίως βεβαίως…

  2. Niki

    October 5, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    χάι χιτ-λιριστ-

    ειχα ψαξει αρχικα αλλα ηταν ολα κατεβασμενα..και το αφησα μεχρι να ξε πηξω λιγο..θα ξανα ψαξω και αν βρω ενημερωνω:)

    θενκς παντα ευπροσδεκτος:)

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