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The cat empire^

The cat empire^

Australiana..και πάνω που περιμένω να πυρπολυθώ στα πινακάκια του psnr να τελειωνουμε γιατί μου έχουν φύγει οι ψυχές…κουλουριάζομαι νοσταλγικά,στο μονοπάτι ενός ακόμα χαμένου τραγουδιού

I had nine lives but I lost all of them
And I’ve been searching in the night
And I’ve been searching in the rain
I tried to find them
But they disappeared
They walked away they dressed in black
They left my side and all I say
Is that I wasted time
When I lookef for them
For now I know that things gone past
Are never to be found again
I had nine lives
But lost all of them.

I had a plan
But never finished it
And I’ve been searching for the thought
And I’ve been searching in a haze
I try all days
To remember it
But now the blueprint in my mind has gone
My mind forgot the colour of direction
And my eyes they see the hands
That could have built
That could have constructed
The empire in my mind
The empire
I’ll never find
I had a plan
But that was where it ended. 


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