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we are only riders?

we are only riders?

1. Nick Cave – Ramblin’ Mind
2. Mark Lanegan – Constant Waiting
3. The Raveonettes – Free To Walk
4. Debbie Harry – Lucky Jim
5. Lydia Lunch – When I Get My Cadillac
6. David Eugene Edwards – Ramblin’ Mind
7. The Sadies – Constant Waiting
8. Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell – Free To Walk
9. Lydia Lunch – St. Marks Place
10. Crippled Black Phoenix – Bells On The River
11. Cypress Grove – Ramblin’ Mind
12. Johnny Dowd – Constant Waiting
13. Nick Cave & Debbie Harry – Free To Walk
14. Mick Harvey – The Snow Country
15. David Eugene Edwards & Crippled Black Phoenix – Just Like A Mexican Love
16. Lydia Lunch, Dave Alvin & The JLP Sessions Project – Walkin’ Down The Street (Doin’ My Thing)


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