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By virgin in the green she took me, down by the banks of celandine. We fucked and wore the summer in, we rolled and wore the summer out. Made love a mist to hide in, made lust a drink to drown in. Made both a shirt to wear and discard. We talked musk mallow birdsong, loosestrife violet joy. The dodder-drained sun. Spurge the cut-grass whimpers. The creeping yellow cress sun. Summer’s here and now. By virgin in the green the foxglove blush, sticky-grass hair snagging summer scent. We fucked and reeled the summer in. We rolled and wore the summer out. And sang: I the babbling meadowsweet stream, she the scented campion fields. I to cup the buttercup moon, she to wear a daisy-chain of stars.

A complex for κομπλεξισμους.
και καινουργιος δισκος μέσα στο 2010.
Παιζουν ,παραμιλουν ,παθιαζονται και ξεσπουν.
Ξεστομιζοντας οργισμενες αληθειες.
Αγαπω την ιδιοτροπη παρανοια
που κρυβω μεσα μου για να ακουω σε επαναληψη
στιχομυθιες πληγων και προσευχων.
Χαμογελωντας στην ομορφια τους.
λαμπει το ειναι μου.
Aν θελεις να μαθεις περισσοτερα…εδω


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