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ORFEO,Leon Ware on Quieres Chicle label

ORFEO,Leon Ware on Quieres Chicle label

Quieres Chicle (or “Do You Want Chewing Gum?”) is a boutique record label conceived by KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer. Established in LA in 2012, the label focuses on releasing honest soul music that defies trends and endures the test of time. Music is available as singles and EPs only in vinyl and digital formats.

LA,trained Opera singer ORFEO 
(name coming from the baroque opera titled L’Orfeo yes yes the greek orpheus)
seduces with a “Quiet Night”
old school 70s soul
Production:Robin Hannibal of Quadron
check out Leon Ware’s tracks on the label too….fantastic!


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