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Betrayal at Bespin [2012] [Finland Prog/Post rock]

Betrayal at Bespin [2012] [Finland Prog/Post rock]

What a fantastic name for a band.
Falling into the spine of “Strange days”
was a gift from Finland.
Breath taking magical twists evolving in post progressive notes.
Just let it flow.
Winter is coming.
Betrayal at Bespin  began as a recording project for a few of its members later emerged as a full-blown band of seven. Their music draws influence from various sources and genres including metal, post-rock and film music and invests in moods and atmospheres. Betrayal at Bespin is constantly evolving and always looking in new directions.
Latest album, “Rains” was released 31 August 2012. It was put together in homes and rehearsal spaces around Finland between January 2010 and June 2012 while “Diary of a Dead Man Walking” was pieced together between December 2007 and September 2009…


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