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Joe Volk / Boris-Split [2012]

Joe Volk / Boris-Split [2012]

I remember going to a CBP concert right here in Thessaloniki earlier this year waiting also for Joe Volk to sing . My heart fluttered downwards as I found out he had left the band but that’s how projects are. For the books CBP rocked the house. Emotions flying around everywhere. From that time after (and even from before) I had a good reason to start following the presence of Joe everywhere muscialy (and as a solo artist). Old times sake listen to the past and long onto the future.
 Looking foward to further releases I fell onto this beauty.
Listen up…I love Boris too so don’t miss out!

Joe was the original singer in Gonga and Crippled Black Phoenix and released his debut solo album on Invada.  His two songs on this album, ‘Call to Sun’ and ‘Finland’, are stories in technically sublime acoustics, strings and vocals, but as you would expect from an Invada artist all is not as it seems.  His use of silence and hypnotic rhythms mark this out as something entirely different.
This split album is a juxtaposition of styles from the same mindset.  One story told two ways.

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