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SMRTS-Have Friends and Visit Them at Night [2012]

SMRTS-Have Friends and Visit Them at Night [2012]

Ok so I just love it,I crave for the artwork of the LP the title of the album,everything so be it!
And as soon as I pressed play on Bandcamp to stream the whole thing before buying
I “woke up” (my brain cells) with a sudden urge to drink and dance my heart out with best of mates sharing turntable figures in the dark.
My first fav track at first (site) listen was the one below on youtube…which seems to have a fantastic film noir-ish video to go with it.
Found out that I have same “roots” with these guys from Perth (4 drummers,4 guitars on the role)
So Im repeating the word “I” to much,which means that “I” liked what I heared and am in a frantic state of mind during this night-to morning 03:43am….
Please check out the interview here
to get in the flow of the album and what’s behind it.
But “I” find it (again) so “meeee”…
as I got so personal in this post in the grammar style of “I do”!
extra panty smart/surfish,european,folkish,-ese pop,60,70,80,90s,evil ,hang drift,diving,lust,truth,memory,fantasy,sprinkles,twists,tales,roots,history,linguistic ,no words,no hands,jumping
true,hectic,eclectic,collective,harmonic,spaghetti,hero,save me,spiritual,party,Serbian,Westrelian,Friends,Mates,You and “I”.

together forever lost in music.
My super heroes for tonight!until i wake up and listen to tha album all over again!


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  1. Thank you for kind word!!!
    Regards from Perth, Australia,


  2. electronik^aki

    January 6, 2013 at 9:53 am

    :)))) An ear pleasure,keep it up!!!!

  3. do you have the record? if not we can send one!
    how did you hear about it???

  4. electronik^aki

    January 14, 2013 at 11:35 am

    havnt got one yet!
    I heard all about it on triplej unearthed diggin…..

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