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Andras Fox-Daydreaming [LP] [2012]

Andras Fox-Daydreaming [LP] [2012]

Andras Fox likes human hands, wood panelling and drum machines. Moving between tape recordings, MPC production and liveperformance, his music is tactile and imperfect. He attended the Red Bull Music Academy in London, 2010, and currently resides in Melbourne.

This will for sure go on one of our “Night Spins”!endavours!
Sunday morning, I’ve got a small hangover from being on last nights dexx
i get on facebook,check out Boiler Room status.
And clik on.The room.Melbourne night out!
I cant grab some drink again so off i go to make me a cup of coffee!

[Tune in if you can..heaps of ..coming up!]

There is this guy djing,that looks like Nick Cave on the left profile, and i cant stop smiling
Suddenly…..ohhh the grooves!
I wanted all the vinyl track id:P
Lots of passion,information.
One of the best moody sets i’ve “heard in a long time”
Good on ya mate.!!!!
Please,support the acoustic lust
and grab a free copy of “Daydreaming LP”
Adult Grooves for Adult Moves…


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