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Black Chamber [album freebee 2013]

Black Chamber [album freebee 2013]

Black Chamber is a Portland, Oregon-based trio playing music that blends the improvisational sounds of modal jazz with the moods and rhythms of downtempo electronica.

Black Chamber is:
Brian McCauley – drums 
Chris Gustafson – upright bass 
David Binnig – trumpet and samples

The band filters the sounds of classic post-bop jazz through their own post-rock, post-hip-hop musical experiences, blending live improvisation with scratchy samples. With no traditional chordal instrument, the group focuses on deep rhythms, expansive melodies, and atmospheric textures, while using electronic processing to expand the harmonic possibilities of the trumpet.
Bliss in my ears
This is my sound on a rainy day,on a mind travelling day..
on anticipating nights to cool off
in poetry lonesomeness
Oh i love my trumpets and samples and downtempo feelings
to write,walk or think things out…
This was released 5 days ago
and i still can’t stop listening to it!
On repeat
What a marvellous trio band …
(including a fantastic cover on Beatles)


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