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Dj Day-Land of a 1000 chances [2013] [LP] +[freebee]

Dj Day-Land of a 1000 chances [2013] [LP] +[freebee]

Ok.So Dj Day just made my Day….
Second album out.
Lots of sunshine coming in.
Warmth,Time praising and travelling.
Cant wait for it to drop in one piece on my headphones.
Ive got a sample break,drum,key,spin fever these days…
i know you can tell.
The limited edition LP pressing (1000 units) features a PETA approved alternative leather, handmade casebound cover with foil stamping. Each LP is adorned with a removable Polaroid photograph on the front and custom wrapped

Land Of 1000 Chances, (Dj) Day’s second release, finds him at his most experimental and ambitious. Though the album spans diverse genres from instrumental rock and jazz to straightforward hip hop, it remains firmly rooted in the outsider beat-smith field Day helped pioneer with his seminal release The Day Before (MPM, 2008).

Available directly from Day with 100% of the sales proceeds going directly to the artist – deluxe animal-friendly leather casebound LP, limited to 1000 copies with foil-stamped back and gold label. Handmade and assembled by Pl70 in southern California (not China), this vinyl package encompasses everything we are proud of. The vinyl LP was mastered and cut by legendary Bernie Grundman Mastering of Hollywood, mixed and executive produced by Thes One of People Under The Stairs. When all numbered LP are sold, it will not be reissued.

Buy direct from PL70 where your purchase goes directly to the artist, with no label or middleman, and receive an instant digital download of the album in Serato-ready 320k MP3s, along with a digital booklet and an exclusive videos and remixes.

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