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Lobo Incognito-Keepsake (prod. Wabz) [freebee] [2012]

Lobo Incognito-Keepsake (prod. Wabz) [freebee] [2012]

Sunday Night Chilled Poetry
pulse gone, say no more 
return into a chemical 
saved to a file that’s been erased 
splintered out dust within a space
possibility we’re writing sine waves 
we ordered our time back from our first day 
present this sound 
gotta make this loud
in the time of reconciliation, however, 
deep end of the memory i can measure — 
the background sounds 
resources to grab 
and the garden will grow from mist or flow
clearly we soak up many past renditions 
turn around disperse all our new conditions 
train window’s flashing in a blurry 
makin movie frames i’m fine viewing
and now staring at the acts on stage 
turnin days into a dog-eared page
everyday is synchronicity 
worry, worry, worry 
revealing our position of our fear but not enough lovin 
simplistic in midst of class distinction 
partition party for a new red herring
connect us all
why’d i buy liquor for my liver burn? 
working in the city dreamin of a golden urn
connect us all


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