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Music Listography [2012] [Greek alternative tracks etc.]

Music Listography [2012] [Greek alternative tracks etc.]

Now you know what i think about lists
Alphabetical Order (click to listen or download if free)
songs in my heart from 

  1. 5th Galaxy Orchestra-Trinity Airport [Disko Exotica]
  2. Atreu73-Welcome to Greece [Ten Easy Pieces]
  3. Baby Guru-Amaye  [Pieces]
  4. Cayetano-Chin Achin [Once sometime]
  5. Christabel Etheriel-Heaven’s Lie #3 [Potentially Infinite]
  6. dB Project-Σύντροφε μου [VA-Μέρες από ατσάλι]
  7. Deadfile-This Hollow land [Deadfile]
  8. dERELICT bEATS-She took my love [The Sky EP]
  9. Electric Litany-Betrayal of the Lamenting Circles [Enemy EP]
  10. Epavlis Pavlakis-Chereni  (+Christos Laskaris 9) [Arkadia Subways/Christos Laskaris release in 2013]
  11. Esterina and RSN-Falling Down 
  12. Expert Medicine-Useless (Mikael Delta remix)* [December 2011]
  13. Fabrics-Elbow Room (Skarf ft. Lunarmare remix) [Refabricated]
  14. Fantastikoi Hxoi-Sequential Message [Fantastikoi Hxoi]
  15. Fever Kids-Happy End  
  16. Hyena-Mustafa and his Army of Bastard Children [His Majesty the king of Spain]
  17. Jan Doe-Manifesto of an ordinary man [The enormous head of king Splendid]
  18. K.Βήτα-To Πάρτυ [Χρυσαλλίδα]
  19. Kostas Kappas-Mambo Queen [Unchanged EP]
  20. Lee Burton-You’ve got me [Busy days for fools]
  21. Le Page-Ileana [Sonic Playground release] 
  22. Liebe-Flamingo Nights (70s)[Somewhere in Time]
  23. Μανώλης Αγγελάκης-Απολείπειν ο Θεός Αντώνιον [O άνθρωπος βόμβα]
  24. Mary and the Boy-I was able to begin again [Praying for your sins/edit]
  25. Matina Sous Peau-Ishmael (Jaar edit) vs Gnosienne No.1 Mash Up vs Agrypnia 
  26. Matisse-The X (Billy Zed Remix) 
  27. Mechanimal-Ghost [Mechanimal]
  28. Mikael Delta-The light Bringer [digital/soundcloud out 2013]
  29. Minor Mine-Stand by the sea [Out of Heaven]
  30. Moan-Jenny of the Wild Woods  
  31. Mononome-Leaving   [come close]
  32. Monsieur Minimal-Infinity ft Spinnet [Minimal to Maximal]
  33. Mr.z-Μια καλοκαιρινη ιστορια (η bossanova του ησαια ) 
  34. Neon-Εσπέρα  [Κάθε πραγματικότης,αποκρουστική]
  35. Nightstalker-Dead Rock Commandos [Dead Rock Commandos]
  36. No clear mind-Static “rough takes” [Dream is Destiny “rough takes”]
  37. Olga Kouklaki-I need U (What u want remix) [remixes comp]
  38. One hour before the trip-Money cannot be eaten [#3]
  39. Οne Leg Mary-Outfit [Yes exactly,maybe not]
  40. Palov and Panama Cardoon-Favelas 
  41. Plastic Flowers-Rise and Shine [Natural Conspiracy]
  42. Playground Noise-This Wolrd [Swinging Lowdown]
  43. Sancho 003-West Earn [Muzga]
  44. Sillyboy-Nature of things [Nature of things]
  45. Simon Bloom-Hypnotic Blues [Hazy moon]
  46. Sky Pup-Keep Up [demo]
  47. Στέλλα-Detox 
  48. St.Cold-Ebert Sleepy (fur Sophie) [Nights in]
  49. Sugar Factory-440 (Mononome remix) [bandcamp: shortcode must include 'track', 'album', or 'video' param]
  50. Sundayman-You’ll never know [Retronome]
  51. The 9miles-Feast of Ground [The 9miles]
  52. The Next Saturdays-The Victim’s Lament [future release]
  53.  Το συνταγμα της ηδονης vs Τασος Λειβαδιτης-Αλλά τα βράδια 
  54. Transistor-Discovered +Touch Wood [Resting in the shade of the family tree]
  55. Universal Trilogy- Your love is my treasure [Pop Crisis]
  56. Venus in furs-Dead Europe  [Dead Europe LP]

Random Order (click to listen or download if free) 
Out of boundaries
Tracks/EPs/CDs/7″/some remixes all together now
next year i’ll promise to be more en-list-ed

  1. London Grammar-Hey Now (debut)
  2. Thomas Feiner and Ulf Jansson-Bested Bones
  3. Anna Calvi-The Wall (The Invisible cover)
  4. The Black Angels-I’d rather be lonely
  5. The Antlers-Crest
  6. Cocorosie and Antony Hegarty-Tearz for animals
  7. Bersarin Quartett-Der Mond, Der Schnee Und Du
  8. Burial-Traunt
  9. Tindersticks-Chocolate
  10. Band of Holy Joy-Wyrd Beautiful Thyme (7″)
  11. BEAK-spinning top
  12. Kashiwa Daisuke-Jazz pour une infante defunte
  13. Polica-Dark Star
  14. Tennis-Make it good (ft Fink)
  15. Kingfisha-Enough
  16. The durutti column-Take some time out
  17. Chrissie Hynde,Moreno,Kassin e Domenico-The empty boat
  18. Alamaaliman Vasarat-Henkipatto
  19. Alt-J-Fitzpleasure
  20. Andy Stott-Luxury Problems
  21. Anoice-Colder than Thermite
  22. Arbouretum-Amie
  23. Asaf Avidan-Conspiratory Visions of Gomorrah
  24. Balthazar-The oldest of sisters
  25. Baltic Fleet-Headless Heroes of the Acropolis
  26. Ben Arthur-Notte Insonne
  27. Boduf Songs-Temping
  28. Boris/Joe Volk-Call to the Sun (radio edit)
  29. Broadcaster ft Peggy Seeger-Bad Bad Girl
  30. Calexico-No Te Vayas
  31. Chilly Gonzales-Rideaux Lunaires
  32. Christian Scott-New New Orleans (King Adjuah Stomp)
  33. Citizen Cope-Peace River
  34. Clint Mansell ft Peter Broderick-Final Movement (Not at Home)
  35. Cult of Youth-A new way
  36. Dan Le Sac-Long Night of Life (ft Merz)
  37. Matt Elliot-Gloomy Sunday
  38. Daniel Land and the modern Painters-Sleeping with the past
  39. Dark Dark Dark-How it went down
  40. Deus-Sirens
  41. Dustin O’Halloran-Opus 28 (live)
  42. Emanuel and the fear-All we all
  43. Ernesto-Reelin
  44. Esben and the Witch-Marching Song (Trophy Wife remix)
  45. Hauschka-Cube (Max Loderbauer and Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
  46. Heroin and your veins-Walz of regret
  47. Hidden Orchestra-Vorka
  48. HTRK-Temporary Vessels
  49. Hugo Race/Fatalists-No stereotype
  50. Husky rescue-deep forest green
  51. Iggy pop-la vie en rose
  52. Iron and wine-one more try (7″)
  53. Jake Bugg-Ballad of Mr. Jones
  54. Jessie Ware-110%
  55. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros-Forbidden city
  56. Johann Johannson-She loves to ride the port ferry when it rains
  57. John Frusciante-In my light
  58. Jonathan Wilson-Tomorrow’s Child (7″)
  59. Jozef Van Wissem/Jim Jarmusch-The more she burns the more beautifully she glows (ft Tida Swinton)
  60. Kati Kink Ensemble-Under the Iron Sky (Extended)
  61. Karima Francis-Glory Days (acoustic)
  62. Keenhouse-Lost in the night
  63. LA Vampires with Maria Minerva-Desire Desire
  64. Lianne La Havas-Elusive (cover)
  65. Low-Words (ft Benjamin Gibbard) (live)
  66. Lower Dens-Brains (Trentemoller remix)
  67. Major Lazer-Get free (Andy C remix)
  68. Man without country-Foe
  69. Mark Mullholland and Craig Ward-All the doors are open
  70. Me and my Drummer-Phobia
  71. Memoryhouse-The kids were wrong
  72. Mum-Hufeland
  73. My morning jacket-Honest Man (live)
  74. Neal Morse-Momentum
  75. OHO-alone in Kathmandu
  76. Oneohtrix Point Never-Replica (OPN edit)
  77. Pacific UV-Funny Girl
  78. Philip Glass and Johann Johannson-Protest (remixes)
  79. Pieter Nooten-This world
  80. Public Service Broadcasting-If war should come
  81. Max Richter-Spring 3 (Vivaldi recommposed)
  82. Richard Hawley-Don’t stare at the sun
  83. Rumer-Soulsville
  84. SURFING-moonlight
  85. Saltillio-Necromancy
  86. Scott Walker-Epizootics!
  87. Shlomo-Rained the whole time
  88. Sinkane-Jeeper Creeper
  89. Soap and Skin-Voyage Voyage
  90. Stubborn Heart-Need Someone
  91. Tanita Tikaram-Rock n Roll
  92. Steven Wilson-Deform to form a star (live)
  93. Susanne Sundfor-White Foxes
  94. The Gaslamp Killer-Veins ft Gonjasufi
  95. The townhouses-Diaspore (ft Guerre)
  96. The dirty Hemingways-Hey fool (up in the sky)
  97. Nicolas Jaar,Will Epstein,Dave Harrington,Ian Sims-Ishmael [Abdullah Ibrahim cover] 
  98. Alumnia-Pulsar/The magician
  99. Francesco Tristiano-Idiosynkrasia (Klock Fragile Eggshell remix by Ben Klock)
  100. More Human Than Human-Love on a real train (Tangerine Dream cover)
  101. Fink-Who Says (Whomi remix)
  102. Creep-Call her (ft Tricky and Alejandra de la Deheza)
  103. Betrayal at Bespin-Strange Days
  104. Julia Holter-Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  105. Dakota Suite-I know your desolate places
  106. Ulrich Schnauss-A long way to fall
  107. Angus Stone-The Blowers Daughter (Cover)
  108. Blackbird Blackbird-Running up that hill (Kate bush cover)
  109. Ryichi Sakamoto ft David Sylvian-World Citizen (El Txef A remix)
  110. Jesse Boykins n Melo X n Fink-Naked for life (Zulu Guru remix)
  111. BECA-born to fly
  112. Lucas Santtana-Hold me in (Dj izem remix)
  113. Scratch Massive -Take me there
  114. LOL Boys-Changes (CFCF remix)
  115. Hess is More -Call for change (ft Nomi Ruz)
  116. Letka-Beyond the fold (ft Brian Eno)
  117. Vince Clark ft Ane Brun-Fly on the windscreen (cover)
  118. Medline ft Roni Alkekengi-Everybody loves the sunshine (edit)
  119. Efterklang and Sydney Symphony orchestra-the ghost (live from Sydney Opera House)
  120. El Pero Del Mar-Walk on by
  121. The Rongetz Foundation-GoGo soul ft gregory porter
  122. The Heavy-Be mine