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ODOS 55 [and freebee] ΟΔΟΣ 55

ODOS 55 [and freebee] ΟΔΟΣ 55

Πες μου που μένεις να σου πω ποιος εισαι…
Να ζήσουν τα συνθς  τα πορωτικά… και τα roomacoustics.
Οδός 55 “Οδός 55” Lp (eirmi05)
                                                  Τώρα… εκ των μαύρων στοών σε έπαλξη και εν εξάρσει…

Eirkti records

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While being here and now… (in)actively captured by our (non)intimate ambience and vastly exposed to the present of 2012. A few years after the flash bang… a few years after the bang flashes, some unexpected acquaintances, some unexpected meetings within a different-colored context of morning-hour solitary wandering as the first shore washes up on storm… Odos 55, born in the crossroads of profoundly mature sounds and attitude began to weave their sound in 2010. Today, eirkti records presents their music dressed up with relevant existentially wakeful lines. Full of electrical intensity, in a minimally while artfully performed noisy sound-frame, their musical syntheses accompanied by expressive words motivate the listener to some kind of direct response. From the vividly performed synthetic attack of Αττική Βικτώρια (i.e.,Attica Victoria) to the discrete noisy thoughtfulness of Άδειοιδρόμοι (i.e., Empty Streets). From the minimal-punk frenzied beats of Άσπρη Γη (i.e., White Earth) to the neurotic demonstration of Αεικίνητοι (i.e., Restless). From the seemingly placid track of Αταλάνδη (i.e., Atalandi) to those hauntingly delivered such as Ο Κόσμος Τους (i.e., Their World) and ΓιαΠάντα (i.e., Forever). Seven powerful compositions of a truly inspired musical manifesto. Comes in a limited edition of 500 black vinyl copies.


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