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Godblesscomputers – Lost in downtown (The Beastie Boys re​-​works) [freebee]

Godblesscomputers – Lost in downtown (The Beastie Boys re​-​works) [freebee]

“On the occasion of the exhibition “Across the movies”, a meeting between cinema and music, Godblesscomputers gives us a seven track album, re-working of some classics by the “BEASTIE BOYS”.

The songs, originally composed from samples and scratch with their unmistakable old school flavor, have a renewed and unusual appeal.

Where once the roots were raw and tightened by funk/rock, now are born downtempo tunes, evocative, atmospheric, and tinged with a soft and organic “rhythm & blues” feel.

This music producer from Ravenna has not blunted the rhymed edges of the BEASTIE BOYS in the slightest. Indeed, he has wrapped them in a thick metropolitan fog made of dusty rhodes (We got the), abandoned spirituals between the corners of the streets (That’s it, that’s all / Brr Stick’em), urban tension (Hey fuck you), beer and burritos (Oh word), clubs dripping sweat (Triple trouble), lonely night buses and morning newspapers (3 the hard way), distilling their raps in a “sweet poison” but still always killer.”


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