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Monozid-A splinter for the pure [2012][LP][freebee]

Monozid-A splinter for the pure [2012][LP][freebee]

On Jan the 29th i got an email from Franz of Monozid (and i was so happy about it,because all we love on this blog is to share music from all sorts of genres )
well,the letter on my behalf got lost in -transportation
so,after i lended an ear to everything!
i present you MONOZID.
Its basicaly Franz (vocals,bass,guitar)
Max (drums,percussion)
and Ralf (guitar,synthesizer,bass,noises)
guests and friends
Alli Pheteplace/BOOTBLACKS (backing vocals)
and Peter Mavrogeorgis/BELLMER DOLLS (gitarre,synth,backing vocals)

The band has been around for nine whole years,and matured it’s sound throughout the process,with 2 EP’s (2006,2007),a LP in 2009 “Say hello to artificial gray” and a split 7inch with Bootblacks in 2010. After the release of their debut LP, Germany based trio Monozoid finally went in the study room to record their second album “A Splinter for the pure”. It was engineered and produced by Peter Mavrogeorgis at “Dollhouse Studios” in Long Island/NY last May of 2012. As you can see the trip was worth it. Monozoid met Peter when they toured the Eastcoast together back in 2010. Peter has engineered for The National’s “High Violet” (which is a favourite album of mine by the way) and recently on Bootblack’s Debut (Monozoid’s sister band from Brooklyn).He did remixes for Grinderman,Philip Glass, and S.C.U.M and shares his studio with Jim Sclavunous (Grinderman,The Bad seeds).So here we are with 10 songs recorded,produced and mixed on a 24-track-2″ Tascam and mastered the same time in May 12′.

Each song has it’s own weight capacity of punk,no wave,pop,dark disco,post,shoegaze vibes.My personal fav’s are “hello bomb”,”dead end” and the titled “A splinter for the pure”.You will hear ghostly words,dark phrases splattering out frantically but beautifully in their esoteric notation like “frustration,black leather,move,follow,fall back,shadow,statement,failed,truth,day to win,rest in peace,question”.Stories of the soul,stories of pain,a strive to dig in life. Metaphoric light inside Twingly Tight,Dancy Disco,Iced out Synths,Echoing guitars thats what you’ll find here. “Today just failed” and this is the music for a wave of postpunk thrashing comfort.Liepzig band Monozid is touring this year…if there was something i wanted to ask them it would be the “how did it come up” name of the band. (Typical Niki question).But  we can leave some suspense on it!

A splinter for the pure states pain,love,darksided passions,scars,memories, a trip for all the times our fingers crossed in front of our backs behind our truths.With some balance of dizzy melancholy I’m sure you’ll be on your tight rope trying to figure which way to listen on your dark pillow.

for fans of aussies
Crime and the city solution
up to frenched out
Camp Z...
put in some Liepzig (shouts)


“how do you know you exist?”

Lend an album ear


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