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OFEI O:London [video][mixcloud][massive!][2013][debut]

OFEI O:London [video][mixcloud][massive!][2013][debut]

 thank god for a @GUTS update on facebook…
just uploaded a magic tune!
I have to say that OFEI will make my day.
As mysterious as can be…
you get hooked on your first ear experience!
Stream O:London get into site diggin,and listen to a mixcloud he made for 
have a good one,and keep your headphones on real loud!
“Im a man about the talents slowin down….”

Ofei. Essentially, this is modern, London-centric neo Soul: piano instrumentals that break into jazz percussion, conscious lyrics, the collection of both vintage and insightful clips that make up his video (avant-garde jazz legend Sun Ra and Malcolm X alongside 1930s Looney Tunes cartoons) – there is a clear desire here to affirm something relevant rather than on-trend.


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