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Blurred city lights-Symbiotic Anxiety Attacks (Feels So High Mix Feat Rose Berlin) [freebee]

Blurred city lights-Symbiotic Anxiety Attacks (Feels So High Mix Feat Rose Berlin) [freebee]

….first thing that came to mind was Cocteau twins with Massive Attack….mind blowing!Cant wait to play this…. beautiful project in just under just! ten days… reminds us that the good stuff always stands out.Support/Buy n Share!

Dean Garcia who is well known for his previous work with Curve and SPC ECO has recently joined musical dots with Polish multi instrumentalist Jarek Leskiewicz to make this timeless collection of songs. Leaning heavily on the stark and monochromatic this record feels like it sounds, dark, forbidding melodic and tuneful with a very firm nod towards Pink Floyd (Circles) and Massive Attack (Symbionic Anxiety Attacks) This record was made in ten days via email and fileshare and is exactly what the internet was intended for ie a collaboration of souls and minds. Check it out.

Blurred City Lights are
Dean Garcia Bass Drums Guitar Vocals Keys and Programming
Jarek Leskiewicz Vocals Guitars FX Drones Keys and Programming
Special guests Rose Berlin Vocals 
Perry Pelonero Space guitar


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