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Jono McCleery – Fire In My Hands [preview][freebee]

Jono McCleery – Fire In My Hands [preview][freebee]

Jono,is always here to stay.
Equational love.Fantastic aesthetics.
A soundscape with depth.

Jono McCleery will release a new single, Fire In My Hands, on 6 May – grab a FREE download now here and pre-order on 7″ and download at theNinjashop.
Jono‘s 2011 album There Is announced him as one of the brightest lights in an emergent crop of artists bringing soul-tinged vocals and beautiful songwriting to electronic music.

Fire In My Hands is his return single, a collaboration with electronic producer Royce Wood Junior. It’s a stunning evolution in McCleery‘s sound; a rapid fire, skittering drum beat and blues piano driving an fathoms-deep vocal. Its musing delivery belies the developing sense of resolve, and the song leaves the listener’s mood curiously but profoundly improved. It’s difficult to imagine a more exciting return, the effortlessness of which marks Jono out as one of 2013’s best prospects.


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