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Zomes – Cave Mountain Stream [freebee]

Zomes – Cave Mountain Stream [freebee]


If your a fan of Asa Osborne going solo with an extra talented companion on his side…your at the bus stop,and ready to take that journey…
so glad Zomes are back,with the exquisite vocals of Hanna Olivegren…

“Time Was”…
time will always be,
time is.
beautiful and enchanting.

from the first second!
you press play.
with “Cave Mountain Stream”

Ive repeated it 6 a row  now.

And just image that it’s the last track on the album!
We are in for a violently happy spin!

Asa Osborne and Hanna met in the spring of 2012. Hanna was working at a music festival in Sweden called New Perspectives where Asa played. When sitting in the audience she started to sing melodies and sounds along to his songs. After the concert she told him about this idea and he invited her to do a concert at an art gallery in Stockholm with him. That later on led to that Hanna went to New York in May 2012 where they did the support act for Beach House at Bowery Ballroom, NYC.
Interested and excited by these performances, they decided to continue their collaboration by recording a full-length record together this Autumn under the name ZOMES. They worked at Tempo House ( Baltimore, US ) on this project for one month. Now that they have completed the recording, it will be mastered by Heba Cadry at the Lodge ( NYC, US ), and released by Thrill Jockey Records ( Chicago, US ) the 16th of april 2013. Upon the release of this recording Hanna and Asa hope to do a series of concerts to share their new material.


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