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Carl Hudson-Zoology for Martians [2013]

Carl Hudson-Zoology for Martians [2013]

this greatness was written only in a small time span of hours….
also check out digisoul channel on Youtube
Carl talks about his musical influences (Stevie Wonder,Herbie Hancock,George Duke,Bill Evans)
“Zoology For Martians” can best be described as a revolutionary concept album that provides a soundtrack to evolution itself. Listen as it gently glides you through a magical journey from cell to primate fusing a raregroove, jazz funk, soul cocktail of lush chords and goosebumpy grooves. With a gentle tip of the hat to classic instrumental jazz funk soul albums of the 70s you will expect to hear shimmers of Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Don Blackman, George Duke and many more.


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