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Colleen-The Weighing of the heart [2013]

Colleen-The Weighing of the heart [2013]

so you just went out for a midnight stroll
just imagine kaleidoscopic shades of light
tumbling on your skin
assembling onto your body flesh, pieces of skeptic soul
a puzzle 
 a translucent one
the harder you fight for Gray 
the more of your colors within descend into infinity
this dark and shrinking small hour
conducting a symphony of elegantly bruised thoughts
over and over again.
i dare you dance away

(ps.Vashti Bunyan & “female” Grouper in the room!)

“The late nights and incessant rainfall made the recording feel epic and surreal”, says Cécile, “as if somehow nothing in the making of this record could be easy and it was meant to be a challenge from beginning to end – a kind of test of how strongly I wanted to make the album. But it also felt strangely quiet when at last the street was completely silent and I was recording my music, afraid that this time I’d be the one to wake people up.”

The Weighing Of The Heart is number No.4 in the new 2L Library Series – a highly collectible catalogue of hardback CD albums designed to be stored in your bookcase.

An accompanying limited edition, numbered, hand-engraved print by album artist, Iker Spozio, (SL023x) is available only to Second Language subscribers with this release whilst stocks last.



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