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RIP Mandawuy Yunupingu [Yothu Yindi]

RIP Mandawuy Yunupingu [Yothu Yindi]

“The name Yunupingu means ‘rock – rock that stands against time’. The name Yunupingu belonged to my grandad, like he was a hero in his time. It was passed down through the generations to my Father. It’s a name that makes us understand who we are, where we’re coming from and what our connections are to mother earth and the universe.”
“It’s about people coming to an understanding, a realisation that we must bridge the gap, build bridges and make people aware of what’s happening. The award gives me the kind of pride and understanding that most people wouldn’t think of. It is strengthening the Yolgnu people, but it’s also giving strength to Balanda people who otherwise don’t have that kind of understanding…”
The week starts with a hard phrase: RIP Mandawuy Yunupingu lead singer of Yothu Yindi at age 56.. 
He “broke” records all his life: First indigenous Australian to gain a university degree,first aboriginal Principal,1992 Australian of the year,YY with 8 Aria awards…
-“It was part of [his] vision that music could become a political agent in making the broad mainstream Australia more aware of the rich Indigenous culture of his people.”
– a true ground breaker in helping to bridge the gap between aboriginal land rights with the rest of our society
Treaty got an award for” Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission”,the song of year 1992.Which i fondly remember out of everything else from my childhood, i used to ask my parents to take me to the holy spot Uluru – Ayers Rock to meet “our” Dreamland, i was so shaken over the story telling!The same time i was learning at school about beautiful Aboriginal culture. I remember trying to blow music out of aDigeridoo a first time (too hard!), dancing on my Clapping sticks for a school dance out in Paramatta streets, and always loved making Aboriginal Art paintings at school (dot and bark).
YY was (is) always in my heart as a fantastic band.I could post heaps of songs as a tribute but im so unhappy today,like ive lost a great “teacher” that taught me radical things in a simple way.


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