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Saint Agnes-The Good Fight [2013][freebee]

Saint Agnes-The Good Fight [2013][freebee]

Ive just played that! Doors cover about 5 times in a row.
Thats when i know im a stuck em up fan!
London calling from the Wild Wild West.
Guitars, vocals, organ, percussion, bass
Guitars, vocals, bass, harmonica, drums
 don’t mess around with them!
They have got bucket loads of style and talent…
 to make a surreal movie full of rock n roll soup & cowboys
that hit traitors to the dirt
and fly heroes to the top.
Lend an ear.
And spin dirty with me.
Ennio Morricone rock n roll!! Music for cowboys. We wanted to create something bold and cinematic. Think BRMC creating a Spaghetti Western soundtrack with Ray Manzarek on keys and Kills-esque dual vocals.


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