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Scott Matthew-Unlearned [2013]

Scott Matthew-Unlearned [2013]

14 songs, originally written/recorded by Radiohead to Rod Stewart, from the Bee Gees to The Jesus And Mary Chain, and Neil Young to Roberta Flack. Every single song has a personal meaning for Scott Matthew, each song represents important stages in his life: „My parents, my childhood, my emerging self in adolescents, my rediscovery of what is a great song in adulthood. In a way I have harnessed my life’s timeline and condensed it into a series of cover songs. The discovery as a child I was not alone in longing. That songs are solace, friends. These songs have been my friends and with my dearest friends who helped me make this album, we gently ask you to remove preconceptions and UNLEARN your perception about a song, an artist, a genre. I have set out to find my true essence of these songs. A process of filtering them through myself and moments in my life. They have been UNLEARNED. I could go on but I won’t. Please Enjoy. Love Scott


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