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TOY & Natasha Khan – The Bride [7inch][2013]

TOY & Natasha Khan – The Bride [7inch][2013]

Speedy Wunderground release their third single, ‘The Bride’ by TOY & Natasha Khan on July 1st.

The track will be available as a limited edition of 250 7” and features a dub version of the track, ‘Here Comes Dub Bride’ on the B-Side. | @speedywunder | | @thebandtoy

‘The Bride’ is a re-working of Iranian song “Aroos Khanom” by Amir Rassaie from the record “Funk, Psychedelia and Pop from the Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation”, an album which had been on relatively continuous loop in the studio whilst TOY and Dan were working on new material.

After weeks of obsessing over this one song in particular, they decided to cover it and make it the next Speedy Wunderground recording. TOY took the basic chord pattern of the original track and made it their own. Natasha then dropped by the studio, heard the track and loved it and started re-working the lyrics (after having them translated) and the melody. The entire recording was completed in 5 hours. The speediest Speedy Wunderground yet.

In keeping with the label’s ‘manifesto’ the single was recorded live in the dark with smoke and lazers and features the Swarmatron



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