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Lorine Chia-Strange Fruit [cover]

Lorine Chia-Strange Fruit [cover]

No one can overcome Lady Day
but Lorine Chia is one strange beautiful fruit as well.
I have mates that never like covers, or talk bad about artists making them..
but i have a tip for you..
thats why they are called covers, so you can incorporate whatever you wish 
with respect to the original song.
a cover lover is always a cover lover too.
i missed Billie so its all done for today…
“Strange Fruit” is a song performed most famously by Billie Holiday, who first sang and recorded it in 1939. Written by the teacher Abel Meeropol as a poem, it exposed American racism, particularly the lynching of African Americans. Such lynchings had occurred chiefly in the South but also in other regions of the United States.[2][3] Meeropol set it to music and with his wife and the singer Laura Duncan, performed it as a protest song in New York venues, including Madison Square Garden.

The song has been covered by artists, as well as inspiring novels, other poems and other creative works. In 1978 Holiday’s version of the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.[4] It was also included in the list of Songs of the Century, by the Recording Industry of America and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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