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Luke Howard-Sun,Cloud [Self-released / Fuse Group Australia]

Luke Howard-Sun,Cloud [Self-released / Fuse Group Australia]

imagine a flight of no resistance 
above sea beds of splendid vibrant colored thoughts.
elegantly beautiful to my ears.
just like listening to any eclectic Johannsson track.
An album on ABC classic FM drive
that’s sure spinning the right way up.
 a refreshing contemporary format of space.
a soothing pill
Artwork by Jack Vanzet

In 1802 a chemist and amateur meteorologist named Luke Howard presented a paper recommending a new system of classifying clouds, using the names cumulus, stratus and cirrus…

Recorded over the past year in Melbourne, Oslo and Reykjavík, pianist/composer Luke Howard’s inaugural solo album draws upon the minimalist approach of his previous projects, conjuring rich cinematic soundscapes using piano, strings and electronics.

The record features members of the Melbourne Symphony and Oslo Philharmonic, along with past collaborators Janos Bruneel, Leonard Grigoryan, Ben Robertson, and members of Magnolia.
released 06 May 2013
All music composed by Luke Howard.

Recorded at RainbowStudio, Oslo, May 2012. Additional recording at
Greenhouse Studios, Reykjavík; Sundlaugin, Reykjavík; Allan Eaton, Melbourne; Lukktone, Melbourne; Town Hall, Melbourne. Grand organ courtesy of Melbourne City Council.


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