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Farewell.J.R-Health EP [Talking Shop Records 2013]

Farewell.J.R-Health EP [Talking Shop Records 2013]

i just found some treasure.
for my traveling.
ive got that funny feeling in my stomach
i don’t know if the moment catches your breath
or you try to breathe through your moments.

“A thought,A mind”
repeat repeat repeat
: the most beautiful multi layered song on repeat,
when you want to stop the pain it keeps reminding you 
to go through the process awaiting for another melody
down the brick road
come down grab some of those golden dew ear drops 
and on the way up caress your inner drive.
and ill never say goodbye to someone that treats me so
Enduring a troubled time in his own life, Nick Rayner retreated to somewhere private. Funnelling his feelings into music, Rayner poured the events of the previous few months into song after song.

Then he escaped. Leaving the tapes behind, the songwriter travelled to Ireland while the drums were recorded – remotely – in Australia. Pulled together as a new EP, Nick Rayner is ready to launch his next moniker Farewell J.R.

The material is enticing, intoxicating. There’s a beauty here, an adherence to certain traits, formats that you might come to expect from a mature songwriter. However there’s also the element of risk, with Farewell J.R. having a raw, untamed delivery with a voice frequently pushed into cracking.

Set to be released on Talking Shop, ‘Health’ is a deep, probing work which matches melody against distortion, the good times and the bad, the rough with the smooth.


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