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The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society – A New History [V2 2013]

The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society – A New History [V2 2013]

ηρθε η ωρα να συμβουλευτεις τον γιατρο της ψυχης σου.
αν δεν σου αρεσει η ποιηση
πατα play
και θα σου τραγουδησει ο τομ
το πονημα του
και θα τα βρειτε…
καπου εκει στο δρομακι 
καθεσαι και συ στο απεναντι παγκακι…
με τον αερα να σου παρασερνει το μαλλι
και η δροσια να σε τυλιγει
του αφηνεις το νομισμα της ακροασης
στο καπελο του…

I’ve always been a ts fan.
now i can listen to his appreciation.
thought there would never be a comeback!
name your price with the bandcamp releases

The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society is a musical expeditionary from the Netherlands. After busking for several years on the streets of Canada and the United States, he came home to record a debut EP at New Ground Studio in his hometown, Utrecht. The six mysterious, lo-fi folk songs received enthusiastic reviews by the Dutch independent press. In the wake of its release, TTSEAS played a string of celebrated shows throughout the Netherlands, sharing the stage with the likes of I Am Oak, Simon Joyner and Rivulets. The full-length debut album ‘A New History’ will be released by V2 Benelux October 21th, 2013.


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