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Aaron O’Keefe Δάσκαλος μουσικής ονομα και πράγμα… speechless.

Aaron O’Keefe Δάσκαλος μουσικής ονομα και πράγμα… speechless.

Pantera,Tool ωραια πραγματα. (ναι ναι).


εχει πολυ υλικο να καεις στο γιουτουμπι.
εδω το site.
Υπαρχει ελπιδα.
Τωρα δεν τον ρωτησα και ποσα λεφτα παιρνει.
αλλα ναι θα ηθελα να ημουν στο δημοτικο και μαθητευόμενη.
Τουλάχιστον εχει ενδιαφερον το μαθημα.
Θυμαμαι με το σολφεζ και την Κ.Μαρια ηθελα να κοιμηθω πανω στο πιανο.
Γιαυτο τα παρατησσα αρχιζα να βαραω λεκανες και ετσι εμαθα ντραμς.
Ασε που και το guitar pro μια χαρα ειναι. Αλλα το κεφι ειναι αλλιως εδω…

The lessons I offer are unique for several reasons:

Students are given the opportunity to play in bands. More info: BAND PROGRAM

We have a performance every 2 to 3 months at venues like Symmes Fest, Putters Sports Grill, Regal Cinemas, Saint Margaret of York Festival, Tri-County Mall, etc… These shows motivate students to complete and polish their music. I also have the events videotaped and recorded; the footage is then posted on my website here.

I use technology to keep students motivated and excited about the lessons. As you can see from one of the pictures, I have a great deal of audio / video equipment. This allows us to record songs, critique them and eventually post them on You Tube.

Finally, intermediate to advanced students get to record at some of the best studios in the U.S. For example, I took 24 students to Chicago to record at the Chicago Recording Company. The students used the same piano that Coldplay used to record, the same $25,000 microphone that Michael Jackson used, etc… Basically, everything is top notch and the videos demonstrate that.

The students’ recordings are often placed on iTunes after we obtain mechanical licenses for the songs. Note: All profits go towards future recording studio trips. 


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