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Circuit des Yeux-Overdue | 2013 | Ba da bing

Circuit des Yeux-Overdue | 2013 | Ba da bing

01. Lithonia
02. Hegira
03. Nova 88
04. Acarina
05. Bud & Gin
06. My Name is Rune
07. I Am
08. Some Day

Καλο ξημερωμα.
While Fohr seems to work best “alone in the studio” (to reference her recent touring partner Bill Callahan), her latest LP Overdue (self-released on vinyl and issued via Ba Da Bing! on CD) is in part a collaborative effort with Cave’s Cooper Crain, who engineered the record in addition to contributing additional synthesizers and percussion. Across eight pieces, Fohr and Crain are joined by the drums of Dan Quinlivan, John Dawson, and Tyler Damon, and guitarists Joe Wetteroth and Greg Simpson, making this record massive when it needs to be. Other Chicago names brought into play are Rob Sevier (additional lyrics on “Acarina”) and University of Chicago-schooled composer Estlin Usher (string arrangements on “Lithonia”).


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