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Lucy Roleff-Longbows EP [Gaga Digi 2013]

Lucy Roleff-Longbows EP [Gaga Digi 2013]

“on a sunday you were mine 

the orange morning curls 
bringing the tea cake to my lap 
filling a cup with peppermint 
and clover pearl 
as we step into the light 
shaking the sugar from our coats 
noticing where the woolly thyme 
has grown in spurts “

εσυ πορτοκάλι 
εγω μέντα
και η κυριακή να μας πασπαλίζει με ζάχαρη
για να γλυκαίνουμε με μια αγκαλιά.

member of Magic Hands
here debut and solo.
heart beats.

Lyrical songstress Lucy Roleff finger picks strings, hums & claws at the piano. Her music stems from a childhood devoted to classical music, opera and a particular summer’s day ten years back when she discovered folk & lyrical realism
“achingly haunting and deeply poetic, Roleff’s music captures the nostalgia of the troubadour, along with lyrical art song”


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