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Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Brisbane AUS

Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Brisbane AUS

Bon Iver would be proud.
Tim Bettinson / David Lucha / Aaron Moore
Κοίτα να δεις για 17 χρονων
εγραφε τραγουδια λεει μεσα στα βιβλια μαθηματικων.
Και τωρα η αυστραλια δεν εχει και βαρυ χειμωνα
αλλα καταφεραν να βγαλουν μια ομορφη μελαγχολια.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic as a name in itself conjures up imagery of long cold winters, of isolation and remoteness and the sometimes self-imposed reclusiveness in all of us as the days get shorter and we move into the bitter months ahead. The adopted moniker of 17 year-old Tim Bettinson perfectly hones in on this visuality and with new track ‘Collapse’ taken from his forthcoming debut EP, the influences of those dark corners inside ourselves interweave throughout his sound.
As we draw closer into the winter here in the Western hemisphere, VSC feels like it was designed to be delivered just in time for the onslaught of the colder weather. Taking into consideration that Tim lives in Australia, he set about writing songs for VSC during his winter but what was in fact our Summer – timing can be everything.
After months of assembling lyrics and instrumentation from various maths books, notes, whiteboards and bedroom walls, humbly working with scattered cheap microphones, an old laptop and an outdated keyboard – Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s debut EP was born, a combination of soaring falsetto vocals built upon progressive synthetic instrumentation to create an ambient base for a vessel of emotional connections to be made.
Bearing messages of sorrow, humility and hope above all else – songs are written from the heart alone. Together, let’s create something beautiful.


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