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Brian Reitzell-Auto Music | Smalltown Supersound

Brian Reitzell-Auto Music | Smalltown Supersound

On “Auto Music,” Kevin Shields brings his trademark swarming atmospherics to “Last Summer,” while Reitzell transforms seven-part harmonies by Jim James of My Morning Jacket into an abstract motif on “Ozu Choral.” “I don’t even think of this as a solo record,” Reitzell says. “I love collaborating because I come from the world of being in bands. But those weren’t my bands, and most of what I’ve done since has been set to picture. ‘Auto Music’ was an opportunity for me to liberate myself from that.”

Reitzell is known for his drummer talent, 
performing with Redd Kross and Air 
and as a composer for the likes of Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring” & Gus Van San’ts “Promise Land”.
His new solo project is on auto pilot… featuring fantastic collaborations….
“I was experimenting with sounds to further my knowledge for creating music for my film projects and exploring new ways to make music.”


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