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Jane Tyrrell – Wild Waters | Elefant Traks

Jane Tyrrell – Wild Waters | Elefant Traks

lets go to Melbourne.

Wild Waters‘ is the captivating first offering from Jane Tyrrell’s forthcoming solo debut.
Meticulously crafted around Jane’s smoky timbre, ‘Wild Waters’ is
hypnotic: an ebb and flow of understated melodies set against crashing
waves of percussion, guitar drone and synth, the song draws you into a
vivid scene of harmony and dissonance.
Tyrrell is a dynamic vocalist, songwriter and performer. A
multi-faceted artist whose disciplines include fine art, art direction
and design, she wears many hats. Her cinematic songwriting
and performances draw upon these distinct areas of expertise, with a
strong emphasis on the link between visual and aural imagery—a
refreshing approach to musical tone and texture.


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