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The Vacant Lots-Departure | Sonic Cathedral

The Vacant Lots-Departure | Sonic Cathedral

a new fuzzy psych sweet-tooth!
Debut album ‘Departure’ mixed & mastered by Sonic Boom out July 1, 2014 on Sonic Cathedral
The Vacant Lots support The Brian Jonestown Massacre in the UK
The band’s sound falls neatly into the vibrant American psychedelic
scene headed up by The Black Angels, Warlocks and The Brian Jonestown
Massacre, often collectively referred to as a ‘family’. And following
another notable invitation, the pair are now set to tour the UK in June
and July with Anton Newcombe’s outfit as the shows coincide with the
debut album’s release.
There’s also a distinct artful aspect to the pair; Artaud is a
published poet and striking black and white artwork adorns the physical
release of Departure; this, coupled with the support of such psychedelic
stalwarts along with a long list of noteworthy influences such as The
Stooges, Suicide and The Cramps makes them a more interesting prospect
than many other newcomers.


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