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Skinshape – LP

Skinshape – LP

Skinshape – a.k.a. 23-year old Will Dorey – is releasing his debut album
on 12” vinyl and digital on the 13th October. It explores genres such
as funk, dub, psychedelia, electronica and more – all tied up over heavy
drum and bass rhythms giving it something of a hip/trip-hop feel. The
album has been recorded mostly in bedrooms and lounges, except the drums
and some of the percussion being recorded in Will’s warehouse studio
“The Arch” up in North London. The Skinshape sound is distinctive,
rough-edged and vintage sounding. Whilst most of the instruments and
vocals are performed by Will, guests do appear as either musicians or
singers. Most notable are the haunting vocals of Anina on Stabo (singing
in her native tongue Slovenian), and the soulful voice of London
producer Aaron Paul on Sunday Morning.


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