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Bing & Ruth-Tomorrow Was the Golden Age

Bing & Ruth-Tomorrow Was the Golden Age

 Tomorrow Was the Golden Age is an album length composition by minimalist ensemble Bing & Ruth. Written and conducted by pianist David Moore, Tomorrow Was the Golden Age
is a halcyonic journey to a neverending place, where music waxes, wanes
and drifts imperceptibly from silence to grand, glowing sound.
The players on Tomorrow Was the Golden Age are David Moore on piano, Jeremy Viner on clarinet, Patrick Breiner on clarinet, Mike Effenberger operating tape delay, Leigh Stuart on cello, and Jeff Ratner and Greg Chudzik on bass, respectively. The album was recorded in Yonkers, New York and mixed in Brooklyn, with Brian Bender and Moore at the controls. 
Intended to be experienced at both high and low volumes, Tomorrow Was the Golden Age
is perfectly calibrated for meditative backdrops, burrowed headphone
listening and utter captivation when performed live. Its sonorous
palette inspires emotional response across a dynamic field, welcoming a
journey to and beyond tomorrow’s promise. 
Bing & Ruth’s Tomorrow Was the Golden Age will be released via RVNG Intl. on October 14, 2014 on double LP, CD and digital formats.


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