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Electronic Horror Scores Realized by Vision Heat 1982​-​1988

Electronic Horror Scores Realized by Vision Heat 1982​-​1988

Vision Heat is the latest original project from Jared Blum (GiganteSound, Talking Book, Blanketship and Vulcanus 68)
exploring electronic
soundtrack and library music between 1980-1988. Songs range in styles,
production and quality to produce full “vision” music. 
Two compilations
(The Chosen Themes I and II) will be released on Root Strata in 2015
Vision Heat is a ficticious soundtrack and library music production
company operating out of the Eastern Block between 1980-1988. “Sickness
To Insanity” compiles some of the best synth based, B-Movie horror
themes and incidental music it produced from the years 1982-1988. What
makes Vision Heat so unique is the broad palate of sounds, styles and
production between each track. From the catchy electro pop grooves of
themes from “Hotel St. Croix” and “Campers” to the dark FM synthesis of
“Ambush,” “Hellen” and “Mother” all the way to the hard rockers from
“Blood and Spirit”and “Witchkraft II.” This album showcases Vision
Heat’s expansive and diverse back catalog.

Some of the master tracks have been lost in the great fire of ’91,
leaving only the VHS transfers to remain; ultimately, giving those songs
their timeless quality and feel. We hope you will enjoy this offering
from Vision Heat. 


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