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Miss Kenichi-The Trail

Miss Kenichi-The Trail

“The Trail” is, quite simply, timeless; ominous and yet mysteriously beautiful, its origins nebulous, its presence felt and yet intangible. On first listen it seems so delicate as to be barely there. But, given a little time, The Trail sounds like it’s been with you all your life, and the lives of many before you.

Though her first two, low key albums were more than well received in her homeland, “The Trail” is a huge leap forward, the work of a mature and confident performer, its songwriting subtle and captivating, its arrangements imaginative and complex.

The album was recorded in Berlin’s Chez Cherie studios, a huge room with no booth, that forces all those not playing to remain silent during the takes. Accompanied by long-time collaborator Earl Harvin and with the help of a number of other musicians – amongst them Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk, Tindersticks) and Chris Bruce (Meshell Ndgeocello, Chris Connelly) – they carefully nurtured “The Trail” towards its final configuration.