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C’MON TIGRE-Federation Tunisienne de Football

C’MON TIGRE-Federation Tunisienne de Football

So it began.
The music film “Federation Tunisienne de Football” (4
min 22 sec) it’s the first way chosen by C’mon Tigre to share their
Mediterranean tale with all the whole world, along all the longitudes
and latitudes.
It based on their first single track, introducing the
full album’s release in October 2014: a story about an eccentric football
team, their dances and magical shoes set on a sandy playground
surrounded by animals.

painted & directed by the Italian artist Gianluigi Toccafondo,
there is no keyframing, no filters no post production, over 5000 frames
hand painted
. Toccafondo has recently gained huge popularity thanks to
the stunning 3 minute animation footage that opens Ridley Scott’s new
feature film Robin Hood.


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