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Chilly Gonzales – The Grudge featuring Kaiser Quartett + new album

Chilly Gonzales – The Grudge featuring Kaiser Quartett + new album

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Chilly Gonzales & Kaiser
Quartett LIVE , watch them perform “Sweet Burden” and “Advantage Points”
from Chambers, and “The Grudge” from the Ivory Tower album, at the
prestigious Berlin Konzerthaus here:


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Dedicated to Gabriel Faure

My Solo Piano song
(and label) Gentle Threat is one of many contradictory titles in my
repertoire. Sweet Burden is the album’s first bona fide tear jerker. A
long, ambiguous melody inspired by French composer Gabriel Faure. The
viola solo is slowly joined by the cello, while the violins chime in
with a single-note pattern. We all have our burdens to bear, and maybe
only music can sweeten them.


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