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The Cave Children-Antigone

The Cave Children-Antigone

Two years have passed since their creation. Two years full of recordings
and live performances and The Cave Children are now ready to share
their first album, entitled “Quasiland”.

Dreamy psychedelic melodies, cinematic themes and raw garage rock
outbursts are blended to accompany the existential and sarcastic lyrics
of “Quasiland”. The title of the album with first synthetic the word
“quasi” comments the political, social and professional uncertainty in
which the album was completed and the lyrics of the 10 tracks suggest 10
different approaches to the meaning of Quasiland. The Athenian quartet
has been influenced, among others, by the evocative soundtracks of
Danny Elfman, The Beatles of 1969, Frank Zappa’s sarcasm, the British
90s, Greek music and the new psychedelic rock scene. The album was
co-produced by Ekelon and The Cave Children with respect to the lo-fi
aesthetics of the initial demos.

“Quasiland” is out on digital album on April 14th and on vinyl including bonus cd on May 25th from Inner Ear.

photo by Mariza Kapsabeli


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