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Tony Allen ft. Damon Albarn – Go Back (Fort Romeau Absolut Remix)

Tony Allen ft. Damon Albarn – Go Back (Fort Romeau Absolut Remix)

This is what remixes are all about.

UK romantic producer Michael Greene (Ghostly International
/ Live At Robert Johnson) proves his talent in remixing legendary
Nigerian Fela Kuti drummer last hit.
We believe that « everything is a remix »
are a major part of the electronic music history. The club culture take
off on remixes, some of the greatest dance hits where made from
remixing original tracks.
Our primary purpose is to highlight this
exercise by offering the opportunity to artists to either work on a
remix of their choice or offer a track to be remixed by an artist they
admire. It is overseen and curated by independent music lovers and
supported by The Absolut Company, a brand that is permanently involved
in the field of contemporary arts and creation with a tradition of
supporting artists such as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. The Absolut
Remix project is dedicated to the art of combining or editing existing
materials, to produce something new.
As a start, every last Friday
of the month, we will unveil a new remix, from a newcomer or a legend,
from disco to techno or IDM and house music. And more to come…
‘Go Back’ was originally released on Tony Allen’s album Film of Life (Jazz Village) in october 2014
Order Fort Romeau ‘Insides’, to be released via Ghostly International:…omeau-insides
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