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Chancha Via Circuito – Sueño En Paraguay (El Búho Remix)

Chancha Via Circuito – Sueño En Paraguay (El Búho Remix)


the release of Amansara, the third LP from Argentinian neo-folklore
producer and one of the leaders of the new Latin electronic sound,
Chancha Via Circuito
returns with Amansara Remixed, featuring brand new
and inventive re-imaginings of the tracks from the albums artists hand
selected by Chancha from Latin America and beyond. Artists include
Frikstailers, Thornato, Tremor, Maga Bo, King Coya, Psilosamples, El
Búho, El Remolón Nicola Cruz, Rafael Aragon, Blocktreat, Prisma,
Reptilian Commander, Barrio Lindo, Sidirum and Chancha himself, under
his previous alias “Universildo”. The result of this selection is a
powerful and experimental album where the unique sounds of Chancha dare
to travel to new latitudes, catalyzed by the wide ranging vision of the
The album also features the special participation of
Acampante, an Argentiniam multifaceted artist, who was encouraged to
remix the original artwork ( Paula Duró’s “Madadayo” ) in a fresh and
fun way.


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