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Dub be good to me ( comixxx Remix)

Dub be good to me ( comixxx Remix)

Ok, so we have a new label “on the dexx”
for sneak peaks 
We are closing sets for May & June
my ears are on fire!
I’ll keep you posted

Sebastian Damerius was born in Bad Moskau at the border of Poland in 1980. Having an actor and musician as a father little Sebastian
is raised towards an artistic direction in life. No wonder he’s already
somewhat like a local scratch hero behind the decks in his early youth.
Later on though, he decides to concentrate on visual arts and studies
media design im Weimar. When he meets Marlow here he realizes that is
music after all which is the best expression outlet for his creativity.
Together with his mentor Marlow he releases his first record “Quiet” on
Moonharbour. Further mutual productions follow and they also draw
attention way beyond the borders of Thüringen (f.e. a certain DJ Hell
charts one of their tracks). As a consequence Damerius moves to the
Mekka of electronic dance music, to Berlin. Here he works together with
Knixx on proper pop songs. “Drop The Bomb” for instance, is selected by
radio station Fritz into their heavy rotation playlist.
The next
big step of his career is made by sending a demo CD to Sonar Kollektiv
A&R manager Alex Barck. Being super enthusiastic about Damerius’
production skills, Barck not only signs ComixXx to the label but also
decides to spend the next few months together with Sebastian in the
studio to record his solo debut album. This fruitful team work results
also in several remixes for acts like Erlend Oye, Sonzera, Pito and
Jazzanova. Mid 2015 the debut by ComixXx will hit the streets. This is
gonna be fun, for sure.


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