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Esoteric Sob & Figurant – Our Hidden Emotions | Logarithm Cassette Label

Esoteric Sob & Figurant – Our Hidden Emotions | Logarithm Cassette Label

In the red hot summer of our truth,
our hidden emotions,
burst out with a big promising “summer wave” 
that washes up the fears
and makes our hearts feel tender again
it all has to do with the harmonics of the beat.
Esoteric Sob​ and Figurant​ create a beautiful two-side limited tape soundtrack (55 copies!) full of summerish-emotions, the ones that hold us back a minute but magically plunder us into the near future, full of our hearts desire!

My heart is walking barefoot in the sand

while my thoughts drop down and travel with the wind,
i can listen to all the shades of music shining… 
reflecting matter into mass.
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Esoteric Sob is the alias of John Trifonopoulos, an electronic music
artist based in Greece. Dreamy, experimental sound, with nostalgic
Figurant Is Christos Panagiotakis, a Singer-Songwriter/Ambient artist.
Influenced by nature & his love for trees he constructs melodies and magical soundscapes. 
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