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Paul de Jong (The Books) – IF

Paul de Jong (The Books) – IF

Paul de Jong is best known as the cofounder, cellist and resident found sound savant of the beloved, defunct collage-pop duo, the Books. Five years after that band delivered their final album, The Way Out, to much acclaim, de Jong delivers his first solo album. IF sets the Books‘ early albums (particularly The Lemon of Pink)
as a starting point, and elevates that beguiling sense of wonder and
amazement to genuinely transcendent new heights. De Jong’s ability to
find the musical in the mundane has always been uncanny — it is part of
what made the Books so magical — and that gift is what makes IF
such a marvelous curiosity, and such a true pleasure to hear. In de
Jong’s world, everything around him is a potential instrument: his
mind-bogglingly vast collection of forgotten private press regional folk
records, spoken-word oddities of indeterminate origin unearthed in
discarded thrift store piles, and various everyday household utensils
that we tend to take for granted. One man’s trash is de Jong’s tool to
craft yet another treasure
. Featuring a handful of friends and family as
musical guests, IF steers a course from joyously eccentric
folk-pop to humorously inside-out jazz, resulting in a refreshing piece
of outsider art with a replay value that’s off the charts.


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